Madra Mór is a multidisciplinary creative commercial company. Please feel free to contact with any queries you may have. A sample of our work can be found in our portfolio section. Our services include:

We cover all aspects of video production. Create commercial content, produce, direct, shoot and edit all aspects of video production.

We can take video work and edit it into a completed video.

We have completed a range of photography projects from creative to commercial. 

From group workshops to private lessons, our performance coaching is designed to build your skills and confidence to support your career needs.

Company-wide workshops to boost morale, build confidence and foster creativity within the workplace

Learn the basics of how to create great visual content for your own company. One day and two day courses will covers the basic rules in great video content.

Madra Mór has a number of education programs from classroom workshops to one on one tutoring.


Madra Mór has been involved in a number of live events in a creative capacity. We have worked on full scale theatre productions to more intimate productions in small venues. We cover everything from design to event running order and structure.